Baby Shoe Bronzing – Details On the Types and How to Choose the Right Company

Baby shoe bronzing refers to process of coating the shoes of your baby with layers of luster bronze. This process is known to help preserve the shoe or item for a very long time. The idea of bronzing or electroplating an item with bronze metal is known to help create longevity on the item, as archeological studies in Asia have discovered that most bronzed relics has been traced back to 3000 BC.

Baby shoe bronzing is very popular and if not for anything, it really helps you to preserve those “first steps” made by your baby and in later years, your baby will appreciate you for it. Below are more interesting details about the bronzing of baby shoes.

Types of baby shoes to be bronzed

Whatever is the type of shoes you choose to preserve a memento, the process of bronzing can be carried out to preserve those teetering steps your baby first took. From tiny sneakers, tiny slipper to classic walking shoes, etc pewter, antique, or light bronze can be plated on the shoes.

Choosing a bronzing company

There are many companies out there engaging in the “baby shoe bronzing business” but not all will really give you what you want. Certainly you may not want to see a crack or chip on the bronze finish after a short term of receiving your bronzed shoes. For this reason, you should ensure that the company or bronzer you choose has a reputation for applying electroplating instead of “painting” or “Spraying” the shoes with metallic-like base paints.

Real Electroplating with antique, light or pewter bronze will make your baby’s shoes or keepsakes a treasured property for many years to come. So, when choosing a company, electroplating should readily come to your mind. Make adequate research on this before sending those baby shoes over for bronzing. In addition, you need must understand that bronzing  takes a lot of stages before the finishing is achieve, hence be wary of companies that offer to bronze  your shoes in  no time at all. This is not to say that you wait for eternity. No, it is preferable to go for company that applies the due process.

Finally, you can shop around the Internet for more information on about real baby shoes bronzing. American Bronzing, Family Heirlooms, True North Bronzing Co, Baby Steps Shoes, Valley Forge Gifts, etc are some reputable online sources you may want to checkout if you truly want to preserve those first steps of your child.