15 Minute Abs, Is It Really Possible?

Many of us will go to any lengths necessary to get our bodies into the perceived form of the ideal human being. Regrettably this is just not an option for all of us, and most of us will easily fall for those claims that tell us that we can achieve perfect abs within a matter of weeks, or that we too can join the revolution and have 15 minute abs.

A great ab exercise for couple

Considering all the advertising and in-your-face publications that are so plentiful in the world today, it’s no wonder that most of us today have inferiority complexes when it comes to our body image. It doesn’t matter whether we are generally fit or not, unless we look like the people who grace our TV screens and the cover of magazines, we will more than likely be discontented with ourselves (hence all the advertising for 15 minute abs – they just feed our negative impressions of ourselves).

What may not realize when you buy into these claims however, is that you are also required to have a healthy eating plan to go along with these workout programs which we are supposed to perform, as well as have some sort of complete body workout for the results to be readily attainable.

The same can be said of most of the exercise machines which you see on the for sale these days. If only you take the time to do so, you will see that the small print says that that 15 minute workout you need to do on that particular machine will only work miracles for you along with a balanced diet and overall body workout.

Believing these assertions won’t do you a bit of good, but if you only take the time and the effort to look around, you may be surprised to discover that you can indeed get 15 minute abs, if only you learn how to do it.

So for example, if you do the exercises which those magazines and other publications claim will give you a six pack, but combine it as well with a steady workout and general overall healthy standard of living, you might find that 15 minute abs are within your reach after all. By all means do the 15 minute abs workouts and things that you find, but also remember to incorporate them into a healthy lifestyle too.

The next time that you reach excitedly for that magazine promising you 15 minute abs, or when you stare eagerly at the TV screen which is even now advertising a state of the art exercise machine that will give you a “15 minute abs workout”, you can think twice about all the hype and the hoopla, and go in for the type of 15 minute abs workout that’s good for you and that may actually work.